Vinyet Architecture


Our Philosophy

Vinyet Architecture is a collaborative studio that specializes in commercial and residential architecture throughout the Carolinas. With a multi-faceted background in construction, art, design and mechanics, we are uniquely equipped to think outside the parameters of our discipline allowing for diverse and innovative design solutions. In all of our work, we foster an environment of collaboration and creativity with our clients, creative team and community.

We strive to create architectural design in North & South Carolina that is both environmentally and fiscally responsible.This enables us to be good stewards of the lives, buildings, land and resources that have been entrusted to us.

Our Promise

Promise #1

We strive to develop architectural design based on your specific needs. It isn’t about our egos or agendas, instead we create an environment of collaboration and communication with our clients, making you part of the process. This creative partnership allows us to be excited about your project, regardless of the scale, scope or size.

Promise #2

It is our intention to develop the best and most appropriate architectural solution for you. We deliberately strive to avoid having any kind of “signature” architectural style. This helps to ensure that your project is yours, and it won’t become something you never intended it to be.

Promise #3

Our commitment to your project does not end when the signed and sealed drawings are delivered. Rather, we want to be your architectural resource with the managing principals having a key role in both the creation and quality control of the project. This begins in early design and doesn’t end until you have moved in.

Our Architectural Design Process

Throughout the design process, we hold true to our promises of collaboration and communication. Our clients and team members’ input is respected, valued, and weighted before moving to the next phase of the project. The process for each of our projects begins with these foundations:

Step #1First, we visit you at your home or office to discover how you truly occupy a space. This serves as our foundation for creating a design that is specific to you; engaging your individual demands, site and process.

Step #2Vinyet Architecture also researchs spatial needs and requirements of the physical environment. We’ll determine the square footage and various other building components required to meet the project requirements.

Step #3Then, we compile both yours and our design inspirations.

Step #4Identifying the unique characteristics of your individual site, buildings and surroundings. This allows us to understand how our design may begin to integrate with its surrounding environment.

This step involves code analysis of existing structures/sites for viability of proposed project.Step #1Initial Layout and program of building.


  • Maximization of views
  • Minimization of land and existing vegetation disturbance
  • Solar Studies for day-lighting, passive solar heating
  • Connectivity to surrounding infrastructure and community.

Step #2Continued client meetings to explore design ideas.

Step #3If feasible, begin meeting with the General Contractor to seek input on financial and scheduling factors of the design ideas.

Step #4Informal meeting with code officials to begin dialogue about the proposed project.

Step #5Presentation of material to Design Review Boards

This step involves code analysis of existing structures/sites for viability of proposed project.

Step #1 Draft construction drawings using Revit, a 3D based building information modeling system (plans, elevations, sections, details & perspectives)

Step #2 Coordinate with appropriate consultants (i.e. structural engineers, PME engineers, civil engineers) We have our own set of consultants we enjoy working with, but will coordinate our work with anybody.

Step #3 Full set of drawings for permitting.

Step #4 Address and respond to any questions that arise during permitting.

Step #5 Issue final set of drawings for construction.

Step #1 Facilitate project bidding and contract negotiation.

Step #2 Coordinate any construction or design changes with the General Contractor arising from unforeseen conditions.

Step #3 Frequent site visits to ensure the construction is progressing as intended and adjust drawings as needed.

Step #4 Receive and answer Requests for Information (RFI) and Shop Drawings from the General Contractor.

Step #5 See the project through to completion.

Step #6 Facilitate any close-out documentation/certification requirements or system commissioning.


Do I need an architect to build a house in NC OR SC?

Most residential homes do not need an architect to be built. However, many commercial and big residential building projects in BOTH North AND SOUTH Carolina, whether new construction or rehabilitation of an existing structure, need the involvement of an architect to oversee the planning, design, documentation, and construction. The architect must be licensed to practice in the state of the project. In addition, there are certain neighborhoods, or ares, that require that the homes are designed by a competent, qualified architect. This is meant to uphold the existing standards and meet the high-quality design.

When is the best time to get architectural plans?

We recommend starting the process as soon as you can. Vinyet Architecture has handled many projects just like yours, and we can help you every step of the way. Let us handle the whole process, and we’ll get you your plans exactly when you need them.

How long do you take to draw plans?

The time it takes to draw up plans will depend on the project’s scale, scope, and requirements but most importantly by ability to communicate with each other. We pride ourselves in staying in communication with you during the entire planning process. Your collaboration and feedback is essential to making sure you get the home of your dreams within your expected schedule.

What do I need to know before hiring an architect?

First, you need to know what architects actually do. We don’t just come up with home designs and schematics. Fully licensed architects create the entire plan for the home, work through the building permit process, and help guide contractors to ensure the home is built the way you want it. We are trusted professionals in home design, zoning and code, and construction, and our job doesn’t end until you’re settled in your home.

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