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Commercial & Residential Architect In Charleston, SC

If you’re searching for an architect in Charleston, go no further than Vinyet Architecture. We are a Carolina-based collaborative studio specializing in commercial and residential architecture. Based on our diverse skills in building, art, design, and mechanics, our team develops unique and innovative design solutions. In all of our work, we foster a collaborative and creative environment with our clients, creative team, and community. Our staff has worked on both commercial and residential buildings. Every work completely leverages the location and surroundings to accomplish each project’s aims within their specific limits. We strive to produce environmentally and economically sound architectural ideas for all of our clients.

Our design approach begins with a concept and finishes with a completed project. We are more than simply an architectural design firm: we are a full-service firm in Charleston, SC that handles the complete process from start to finish. Vinyet Architecture approaches each project with a hands-on approach, visiting the site and meeting with you before producing sketches based on your and our thoughts. Our staff manages contractors, obtains zoning permits, and guarantees that your project is code-compliant. We leverage our own trustworthy partners, so you don’t have to engage other companies to accomplish it. Contact us for a consultation if you want to learn more about Vinyet Architecture in North and South Carolina!

Architectural Design Process

The first step is to understand your desires and constraints. Once we’ve finished our initial analysis, our designers produce a schematic design. The code of existing structures/sites is analyzed in this stage to assess the feasibility of the proposed project. Before contacting general contractors and code authorities to work on the project’s logistics, client meetings are organized to confirm that the investigated designs match the anticipated direction. Following that, we ensure that everything is ready for building. We rely on our reliable network of structural engineers, PME engineers, and civil engineers with a proven track record. Our staff creates the contracts, answers any issues, and finally submits the completed documentation to the contractors for building. The contractors begin work once they’ve received the documentation. Vinyet Architecture oversees the entire process from beginning to end. Want to learn more? Contact one of our offices here: Architecture in North and South Carolina

FAQs About Architecture Firm in Charleston, SC

How do I know if I want to hire an architect for my project?

In most cases, whether new construction or remodelling of an existing building, an architect is required to oversee the planning, design, documentation, and construction of commercial and large residential building projects in South Carolina.

Do you make blueprints?

Yes, we do make blueprints, but do more than just create house plans and schematics. We are trusted professionals in home design, zoning and code, and construction, and our job does not end until you are completely satisfied with your new home.

What is involved in the design process?

The design process starts with an initial building layout and program & client meetings to discuss design concepts. If possible, we meet with the General Contractor to get feedback on the financial and scheduling aspects of the design ideas, hold informal meetings with code officials to start a conversation about the proposed project and finally, we present the material to the design review boards.

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