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Commercial & Residential Architect In Asheville, NC

If you need an architect in Asheville, look no further than Vinyet Architecture. We are a collaborative design company located in the Carolinas that focuses on commercial and residential projects. Drawing on our different expertise in building, art, design, and mechanics, our team generates unique and imaginative design solutions. In all we do, we foster a collaborative and creative environment with our clients, creative team, and community. Our staff has worked on both commercial and residential buildings. Each work makes full use of the location and its surroundings to meet the aims of each project within their own limits. We strive to give environmentally and economically sound design solutions to all of our clients.

Our design process begins with a concept and concludes when your building is finished. We are more than simply designers: we are a full-service architecture firm in Asheville, NC, that handles everything from start to finish. Vinyet Architecture approaches each project hands-on, inspecting the site and speaking with you before producing sketches based on your and our ideas. Our staff manages contractors, obtains zoning permits, and ensures that all regulatory criteria are met for your project. We work with our established network of trustworthy partners, so you don’t have to look for them yourself. Please contact us for a consultation if you want to learn more about Vinyet Architecture in North and South Carolina!

Architectural Design Process

The first step is to determine your desires and constraints. Our designers develop a schematic design based on what we find on our initial visit. We perform a code analysis at this stage to determine the project’s feasibility. We collaborate with customers to ensure that the studied designs meet the intended direction before contacting general contractors and code authorities to work on the project’s logistics. Following that, we ensure that everything is prepared for building. We rely on a solid network of successful structural engineers, PME engineers, and civil engineers. Our team creates the contracts, deals with emerging issues, and finally provides the finished documents to the contractors for construction. We only stop work when the project is completed. Contact one of our offices here: Architecture in North and South Carolina

FAQs About Architectural Design in Asheville, NC

Am I required to use an architect?

If you intend to build or modify a structure, you may need to hire an architect. In many cases in North Carolina an architect is required to oversee the planning, design, documentation, and construction of commercial and large residential building projects, whether new construction or remodeling of an existing building.

However an architect is not necessary if the building is:

  • A single family residence
  • structure on any farm
  • buildings that do not exceed $90,000 in total value
  • or a small building (less than 2500sq feet)

Do you make blueprints for residential projects?

Yes! Vinyet Architecture is a collaborative team that focuses on both commercial and residential architecture. We provide blueprints, designs, and everything else you need to get your residential project finished.

Do you create Sustainable Designs?

Yes! Our team is committed to developing unique, sustainable and ecological designs for every client.

How long will it take to complete the drawings?

Every project timeline is unique because we strive to meet the specific needs of our clients. The length of time required is determined by the project’s size, scope, and requirements. We take pride in keeping in touch with you throughout the planning process. Your participation and feedback are critical to ensuring that you get the home/space of your dreams on time.

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