Our Team

We bring to each project the energy and enthusiasm of a young firm supported by the excellence and reputation of an established practice. Our freshness and idealism is easily balanced with experience and pragmatism.

Centered around a studio model, we are large enough to provide a wide range of services to our clients yet small enough to remain fully involved in every project aspect. Please contact any of us below to find out why we’re the right fit for you.

Vinyet - Myles Alexander

Myles Alexander

Vinyet - Justin Smith

Justin Smith

Vinyet - Bill Senst

Bill Senst


Rachel Pierce

Commercial Studio Director

Erica Smith

Financial Director

Erin Cousins

Residential Studio Director
Vinyet - Mackenzie Conlon

Mackenzie Conlon

Architectural Designer

Lari McAbee-Meza

Architectural Designer

Drake Cecil

Architectural Designer

Noah Smith

Architectural Designer

Lindsey Mayes

Project Coordinator

Mabry Smith

Architectural Designer
Our Projects