Remodeling a home is a significant investment that requires careful consideration regarding who will complete the project. Whether to hire an architect or a general contractor for your home remodel can seem daunting. We will explain the responsibilities of both and help you determine which one is right for your project.

Who Is an Architect?

An architect is an expert who designs buildings and other structures. Architects are licensed professionals with qualifications and experience in building design, planning, and construction. They ensure that all aspects of a building’s design—from its use to its appearance—are carefully considered and implemented. An architect will help you develop your ideas and design a home that meets your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Responsibilities of an Architect

An architect will have a more hands-on role in planning and executing a remodel than a contractor. They will work with you to:

a) Develop a design concept:

An architect will work with you to decide on the layout, materials, and other design elements that best meet your needs.

b) Create a plan:

Architects will create detailed drawings and plans of the remodel project that contractors can use as a guide for construction.

c) Handle permitting:

Many states require architects to be involved in any major home remodeling project. An architect will oversee the permitting process and ensure that your remodel meets all local building codes.

d) Supervise the project:

Architects can provide oversight during construction to ensure everything is done correctly. They can also help resolve any issues that arise and suggest solutions. For example, if a contractor discovers that the original design won’t work, an architect can assist in finding a more suitable alternative.

e) Sourcing materials:

Architects can help you source and select the best materials for your remodel. They will be familiar with vendors who carry high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring you get a great deal.

Who Is a Contractor?

A contractor is an experienced professional who is responsible for managing the construction of a building or other structure. They hire subcontractors to complete the work required on the project, and they manage the entire process from start to finish. Contractors are typically responsible for supervising the construction, ensuring its safety and quality, and ensuring that all applicable laws are followed during the process.

Responsibilities of a contractor include:

a) Managing the Construction Process:

A contractor is responsible for implementing a remodeling project and will coordinate all subcontractors, such as plumbers, electricians, framers, and other members essential to completing the job.

b) Overseeing the Project Budget:

A contractor will create a budget for your project and ensure that it’s followed. They will also manage the finances associated with subcontractors, materials, permits, and other expenses related to the remodel.

c) Meeting Building Codes:

Contractors must abide by building codes to properly execute a remodel. They will be responsible for obtaining necessary permits and ensuring that everything is by the applicable standards.

d) Ensuring Quality:

A contractor should be able to guarantee that the job is done correctly and up to specific standards. They will oversee construction, ensuring all materials are installed according to plans and specifications.

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