When it comes to architecture, there is a difference between site plans vs. floor plans. A lot of people will think that these two things are the same. However, while they are similar, they do have some distinctions.

By understanding this disparity, it’ll help you plan your project better and have higher-level conversations with your architect. So let’s talk about the difference between a site plan and a floor plan right now.

Floor Plan

The floor plan can be referenced during the stages of architectural design. It refers to the horizontal section that goes through a building at a particular elevation, which is around 4 feet typically.

It also shows the columns, walls, and dimensions of the space. It can display the windows and doors and connections between spaces inside or outside the building.

Any horizontal surface in the building will be displayed on the floor plan. This can include objects that may go on the walls or floor.

Site Plan

The site plan is different from the floor plan. It describes the plot of land and the orientation of the building. It does refer to the building structure. However, the emphasis is on the surroundings of the building.

In other words, it gives you an idea of the land and landscaping surrounding the structure.

This can include topography, trees, courts, roadways, and more. It can help you understand the zoning requirements, nearby structures, and other elements that may impact the final structure.

Using the floor plan and site plan together helps you communicate the structure effectively.

Tips For Finding The Right Architect


You want architects that have experience building commercial or residential properties, depending on your needs.

Attention To Detail

Architecture details matter. Every part of the space must be drawn out with incredible detail. Otherwise, it cannot only look bad, but it can cause structural hazards.

A Great Reputation

When you google the company or speak with previous clients, you should see great endorsements. Testimonials and reviews help you know that you’re working with professionals.

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