When considering a new remodeling or building project, the architect needs to draw up the plans. Of course, this has its own time period that you should plan for as well. You might be wondering what that timeline looks like.

After all, you don’t want to rush, but you also don’t want it to take longer than it needs to. While there might be different types of architects, they all need plans to get the process moving.

Let’s talk about what to expect and “How long do architects take to draw up plans?” That way, you can properly plan your project going forward.

How Long Does It Take To Draw Up House Plans

In order to understand this process, let’s talk about some of the steps for drawing up plans for a house:

Talking To The Client & Signing The Contract

Any great piece of architecture starts with a great relationship between the architect and the client. You need to make sure that your goals are met, that none of the designs are outdated, and that they’re meeting current design trends. From here, you’ll sign a contract.

Gathering Information

The second step is when architects need to talk to surveyors and geotechnical engineers. Essentially, they need to assure themselves and their team that they can do everything in terms of zoning and getting approval from government officials.

Creating The Original Diagrams

The architects can now create the initial design plans that you’ll use to build the project from. This part of the process can tend to take several meetings and even require a couple of months to complete.

Finalizing The Design And Getting The Permits

This part of the plan can take around a month. You need to have some more conversations between the homeowner and architect and ensure that the design meets the working model and permits.

Submitting Documentation

This is the final step, typically, before actually building. So in terms of drawing up plans, once the documentation is submitted, it may take another few weeks or months to get approval.

All in all, the answer to “How long does it take an architect to draw up plans?” is around four months on average. This includes the initial consultation all the way to submitting the documentation.

Keep in mind that certain things like adding on to the plans, changing the plans, or getting additional approvals can of course add time into this process.

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