When it comes to home architecture — especially if building from scratch — there are several styles to choose from. Two common choices are ranch vs 2 story homes. Which one might be best for you is a question of great debate.

So let’s talk about ranch house vs 2 story designs. That way you can determine the best layout for your needs.

Benefits Of A Two-Story Home


You can have somebody downstairs playing music while someone is upstairs sleeping and enjoying some quiet time. This is one of the key differentiators when talking about ranch homes vs two story build outs.

Cost Efficiency

Since you can build multi-level homes on a smaller footprint, it may not cost as much as building everything on only one level.

A View

With multi-story homes, you can have a balcony for better views. Height provides its advantages in architecture, after all.

Benefits Of A Ranch Home

Larger Lots

You can take advantage of a larger space by having a ranch home instead of a multi-level home.

The Home Will Age With You

As you get older, the home will still allow you to access everything you need to because it only has one floor.

Better Customization And Flexibility

You can always add some support and additional design aspects without needing to worry about support walls or bearing walls. This adds better design flexibility.

It’s Quieter

You don’t have to worry about feet pounding up above as you might have to worry about with a split-level home.

Which Is Better? A Ranch Or A Two-Story Home?

At the end of the day, determining what’s better between a ranch and a two-story home comes down to your preferences. The best way to really find this out is to consult with an architectural firm. They can help you plan out your design concepts in advance.

That way, before you break any ground or actually start building, you can already know exactly what you want and start with the end in mind.

Get Architecture Consultation

Reach out to Vinyet Architecture today. The expert architects in Charlotte, NC will help you decide between ranch homes versus two-story homes and other designs that you may be considering.

After all, your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle. Let’s make sure we can achieve a comfortable, enjoyable future for you and your family.

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