The phases of architectural design to create a property from nothing are complex. Just ask architects in Rock Hill SC. There are numerous decision makers, tools, and resources along the way.

Every construction project, whether it’s a home or office building, begins with architecture design process steps.

Understanding this process can help you communicate with your architect along the way. That way, you know what to expect during each stage. So in this blog post, let’s explore the five distinct stages of architectural design.

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The 5 Phases Of Architectural Design

Let’s walk through the process of architectural design step by step:

1. Schematic Design

For the first stage, the architect will come up with a schematic design of the project. This involves the scope, functionality, and purpose of the resulting design.

Then the architect will create a couple of designs for you to select from. This will help you visualize the home or building once it’s complete. At this stage, clients can request revisions or changes before the design is finalized.

2. Design Development

Once the design is chosen, the architect will continue the process by working on the structures of the building.

This might include things like window and door placement. This can also involve the materials that will be used. At this stage, a cost estimate is typically created. There will be a lot of communication back and forth between the architect and the client during this phase.

3. Documents for Construction

During this phase, the architect will create blueprints. These construction documents must be approved by the client. Then, technical specifications, bidding information, permit applications, and other project-related processes will take place.

This is where a design idea really takes shape into a technical outcome.

4. Bidding

The architect will seek bids for construction companies to work on various parts of the project. It’s helpful to have an expert by your side during this part of the process.

They can help narrow down the best builders and the best prices for your design. The architect will typically provide a detailed analysis that you can review. This will include figures and sometimes negotiating with contractors.

5. Construction and Management

The fifth phase is where the project really starts to be constructed. Once the work is underway, the client will receive updates to confirm that it is being built to their specifications.

If further revisions need to be made to stay in line with the design, the designer architect will communicate with the construction company to ensure that that happens.

Hiring an Architect in Rock Hill, SC

Do you have more questions about the design process? It’s best to contact a professional architectural firm like Vinyet Architecture.

You can understand how each stage works, what kind of input or requirements from you are expected and what the typical timeline of a project is. That way, you can have peace of mind through the entire process as your dream home or office building is constructed.

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