The world of architecture continues to evolve. At every step of the way, new technology has enabled architects, homeowners, and business owners to envision new ways to create incredible spaces.

Today more than ever, technology and architecture are connected. If you’re planning to remodel or build a new home or business location, then technology will have a large part to play.

So in this article, let’s discuss some of the technological trends that are helping to create the next generation of architecture.

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Technology In Architecture – Top Trends

When it comes to architecture in Asheville and around the nation, technology is crucial. Here are some high tech architecture advancements that are promising to change everything:

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality now allows architects and clients to view the space in 3D beforehand. You can take a virtual walkthrough tour of the designs. You can change colors, textures, and placement.

VR has enabled design to achieve an entirely new level. Now, you can see every aspect of your new construction before a single nail is hammered.

3D Printing

Another example of high-tech design for architecture is 3D printing. This allows miniature mockups of designs to be created in real 3D space. It enables greater creativity and a very accurate layout of how the space will look when it’s actually built.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is an emerging technology that’s very promising for architecture. At its core, AI has the ability to automate large and complex tasks.

This includes collecting data, organizing design plans, and otherwise sifting through information. AI can accomplish these mundane tasks in a fraction of the time. This frees up architectural firms to focus on their core competencies.

In other words, architects can now spend more time creating the visions of their clients rather than dealing with busywork.

The Internet Of Things

IoT refers to the internet of things. In essence, this is the ability of devices and appliances to connect to the internet or simply talk with each other.

This includes doorbells, thermostats, refrigerators, and more. When planning the construction of a new space, architects can now map how different parts of the home or building will communicate with each other.

Ultimately, this creates a more convenient, more comfortable, and more safe space for clients.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new technology that helps architects and engineers streamline their processes.

The entire planning and building lifestyle can happen using BIM. It helps improve accuracy and produce fewer mistakes. Architects can run through multiple iterations using BIM to test design ideas and turn them into 3D models.

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