Traditional pen and paper style drawings have long been the norm for architecture visualization. But in the modern age, a new technology seeks to take the throne: architectural visualization.

Let’s take a look at how this awesome technology changes architecture, and all the reasons why you should be using it if you aren’t already.

3D Architectural Visualization Displays Way Better Than A Drawing

Not everyone knows how to interpret a traditional architectural drawing. This can leave clients scratching their heads while you have to explain all the details.

With an architectural visualization, little to no explanation is needed. Simply show the client the architecture visualization, and they’ll understand it immediately. It’s almost as good as being physically in the building, which is a feeling a drawing simply can’t give.

It Creates A More Genuine, “Real” Experience

When a buyer sees a drawing, it can be hard for them to imagine themselves in the home. But when they see the architecture rendered in 3D, it’s much easier for the buyer to imagine themselves in the home. And because the visualization gives a realer experience, it can help sway buyers better than a drawing.

3D Architectural Visualization is More Affordable Than A Drawing

Paying a trained artist to draw up sketches and blueprints can quickly get expensive. With a 3D visualization, you can get the job done cheaper and faster. So not only is it a more appealing visualization, it saves you money too! With the extra money you save, you can invest in better marketing to reach more buyers.

Younger Buyers Prefer 3D Visualizations

Speaking of reaching buyers, young buyers can be one of the hardest markets to reach. And younger buyers are buying fewer homes, meaning it’s that much harder to make a sale.

You can help make things easier by using an architecture visualization rendered in 3D. Modern technology resonates with younger buyers, and shows them you’re up to date on the latest tech. That means more trust from young buyers, plus a format that’s easier for them to understand.

It Helps Make The Buying Process More Streamlined

Buying a home is a complicated process that many buyers find daunting. With a 3D architectural visualizing, you can make the whole process easier and more streamlined. Simply send the potential buyer the visualization, and they can imagine themselves actually in the home.

No matter what type of architect you are, an architecture visualization in 3D is a valuable tool for your business. They’ll help you streamline the buying process for clients, and provide an appealing visualization that’s easy to understand (especially for young buyers).

If you’re in need of an architect in Asheville, we here at Vinyet Architecture would love to help. We’ll draw on our extensive expertise and the latest technologies to help you design a project you’ll love.

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