When it comes to architecture, there is a lot of talk about zoning, but what is zoning analysis? And why are zoning laws important? Well, in this article, let’s talk about what zoning is.

That way, you can have all the information you need to start your dream project sooner rather than later.

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What Is A Zoning Analysis?

Before getting into why zoning is important, let’s talk about its definition. To start, zoning is typically a set of regulations. This will determine how the land can be used or can’t be used. This is usually determined by the local municipality in which the project will be built.

It can determine things like the floor area, height, setbacks, and more. A zoning evaluation, on the other hand, is the assessment of the zoning regulations. This is typically laid out by the architect and designed graphically as well.

It can essentially communicate their planned use and calculations for the land with diagrams that illustrate the limitations or options. Sometimes this is shown to the client and sometimes this is shown to the contractors.

Therefore, it also answers the question to “Why is zoning important?” You can think of the zoning evaluation as a kind of report. It gives an initial briefing that can inform the rest of the project.

Who Creates The Zoning Analyses

A registered architect is the one who typically creates the zoning analysis. That’s because building developments often require that a licensed architect is the one that produces, signs, and then seals it. This is then used to submit to a city agency.

Aspects Of A Zoning Analysis

There are several aspects of a zoning analysis. It can address the change of use of a building that already exists. It can also refer to the enlargement of a building or property.

Sometimes it covers the building of entirely new buildings themselves. Or it can be used to assess a current property.

For instance, a building use analysis would determine what is appropriate for that location, such as a multi-family residential building or something else.

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