Many people use the words modern and contemporary to refer to the same thing when it comes to architecture. However, they have some important distinctions between modern architecture vs contemporary architecture that you should know about.

So when it comes to architectural design in Asheville, let’s break down how these two themes come into play.

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Contemporary vs Modern Architecture: Key Differences

Modern Architecture

Inspired by the modern art movement. This style originates from somewhere around the mid-20th century. Concrete cast iron and plate glass are materials that are commonly seen in this style. Modern homes often use minimalist design.

They encourage functionality over excess design elements. Rectangular forms and a lack of adornment are other qualities of modern homes. These buildings can reflect an appreciation for the nature surrounding them.

Expansive walls and glass windows are a common theme. Natural materials such as wood are popular, especially contrasting with steel or glass. Additional features of modern architecture are open floor plans, whitewashed exteriors, and asymmetry.

Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary architecture may include some design elements of modern design.  However, unlike modern design, it does not hold true to any particular time in history.

Contemporary design for architecture is marked by the past and present. It’s considered fluid in style. Minimalism and freeform are some of the common themes you’ll see in home construction. Also, sustainability and smart home technology are an emerging trend in this style of home design.

Benefits of Modern and Contemporary Architecture

As the needs of people change, so too must architecture. Being able to use technology, natural surroundings, sustainable materials, and more is liberating. It allows architects to create joyful and mindful spaces that are functional as well.

What’s Best: Contemporary or Modern Design?

Ultimately both design styles have their unique benefits and advantages. Luckily when you hire an architectural firm you don’t have to only choose one.

Your dream property can include a combination of both of these styles. Architectural expertise can combine the fluidity of contemporary architecture with minimalism and classic concepts seen in many contemporary buildings. So don’t limit your imagination.

Difference Between Contemporary And Modern Architecture: Conclusion

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